Undercover Coppers: Drugs Bust

A compelling look into the clandestine world of undercover cops and how they have executed some of Europe’s biggest drugs busts.

1 1 x 60'

In Britain, the fight against organised crime has gone undercover.  

As the country’s biggest criminal gangs work to cover their tracks, British police are using covert surveillance operations to take them down. 

This documentary combines real surveillance footage, interviews with police and dramatic reconstruction to investigate some of the country’s largest illegal drug busts. 

In North Wales, police are on the trail of a local mafia boss suspected of flooding the region with cocaine and cannabis. 
In London, the National Crime Agency secretly follow corrupt baggage handlers who are smuggling drugs from Brazil through Heathrow airport. 
And in Cumbria, police watch three ex-prisoners as they plot to import vast amounts of class-A drugs from Europe.