Ultimate Police Interceptors

The best stories from the high-adrenaline pursuit specialists as they crack down on crime.

Series 1 15 x 60’
Series 2 10 x 60’

A compilation series Featuring the most pulse-raising police pursuits, arrests, and raids, we follow the country’s toughest coppers in some of the UK’s highest crime areas.

Backed with all the specialist gear, from police choppers to high-powered motors, we take a front seat as these expert interceptors battle the bad guys and fight crime on the front line. We revisit the most dramatic and shocking incidents our boys and girls in blue bravely tackle in the line of duty.

This series showcases the bravery of police officers on the front line, featuring high-speed pursuits, raids, firearms jobs, dog units and everything else you’d expect to see from Police Interceptors – just harder, faster, and more furious – because this is Ultimate Interceptors.