The Murder of Sadie Hartley

This award-winning documentary tells the gripping story of how detectives solved a truly vicious and disturbing murder - from the first call to the crime scene, through to the final conviction.

1 x 60' HD
1 x 90' HD

In August 2016, Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh murdered Sadie Hartley.  

With extraordinary access, Raw Cut was there as Lancashire Police investigated the violent murder of Sadie at her home, unpicking a crime described as ‘demonic savagery’.  

Cameras follow lead detective Paul Withers and his team as the case unfolds. They piece together evidence and uncover a tangled web of relationships involving the killer, Sarah Williams. They unravel her lies and discover her accomplice, Katrina Walsh, who claims to have no memory of the crime. Yet evidence shows the pair hatched an 18-month-long plan to kill Sadie involving scouting her house, visiting Germany to buy a key weapon, and even buying a second-hand car - all in a bid to evade detection and pull off the perfect murder.

Winner of the Royal Television Society award for Best Single Documentary 2017.