Road Wars

The original "show it as it is" action-packed series on British cops.

Series 1 6 x 60'
Series 2 6 x 60'
Series 3 16 x 30'
Series 4 16 x 30'
Series 5 20 x 60'
Series 6 20 x 60'
Series 7 18 x 60'

Road Wars features high-speed pursuits, house raids and street arrests as the coppers get up-close and personal with the criminals they’re hunting down. Between the high adrenaline action are a selection of the most exciting dash cam stories from around the world with crashes, takedowns and police chases on an extreme level.

A sensation when it was first transmitted, the eight series are voiced with an irreverent and humorous script that helped the show to become one of the most popular programmes on Sky’s UK platforms, where it still attracts high audiences.