Police Interceptors

Join Britain’s elite police officers on the front line of the fight against crime.

Series 1-17 202 x 60'
Series 18 15 x 60'
Series 19 15 x 60'
Series 20 15 x 60'
Series 21 15 x 60'
Series 22 15 x 60'
Series 23 15 x 60'
Series 24 in production, release 2024

Each programme follows the hand-picked, highly trained officers tasked with tackling crime in all its forms. From car chases to drug busts, combating crime has never looked so exciting.

Racing in performance patrol cars with the best drivers on the road, hunting with the dog unit in the undergrowth, and peering through the sights of an automatic rifle, this is a high-octane documentary in the thick of the war on crime.

Doors get smashed in dawn raids on drug dealers, shots are fired in a suburban siege, and bad guys are chased at more than 100 miles per hour. The battle may have never been fiercer but the Interceptors are up to the job.

Police Interceptors remains in production, and brand-new series have been commissioned for delivery in 2023 and 2024.