Kennedy’s Suicide Bomber

On the 60th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, this shocking documentary tells the story of the man who came within seconds of killing JFK three years earlier.

Series 1 1 x 60'

Almost lost to the history books when a plane crash that killed 128 people knocked it off the front pages, Raw Cut now reveals the truth about Kennedy’s suicide bomber.

This compelling documentary will use testimony and rare archive to reconstruct the story of Pavlick’s attempt on the life of the President-Elect. Furthermore, in a shocking and ambitious finale, Raw Cut will engineer the explosion that Pavlick intended to happen in his attack. By building a historically accurate reconstruction the situation using cars and dynamite from the time and representing the President, his family and protection with dummies, Raw Cut will give a graphic insight into how Pavlick’s mania could have taken many more lives than he ever anticipated.