Cops UK: Bodycam Squad

We’re up close and personal with the Bodycam Squad, police on the frontline in Staffordshire. From drownings to collisions, brawls to thefts and drugs raids, these are the top cops bringing law and order to the streets.

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Staffordshire was one of the first forces in the UK to roll out body cameras anything can happen as the bodycam squad work round the clock to keep their patch safe.

This squad is about more than just law enforcement. Away from the frontline, we discover what makes these officers tick, how they deal with the tragedies they inevitably have to face, how much they rely on each other and also explore their camaraderie: qualities which make them such a formidable force.

As well as seasoned officers who know the ropes, we meet rookies who are fresh to the job and who soon find themselves in the thick of it.